JNTU Online Bits For Mechanical Engineer Students For (R13, R10, R09, R07) ME 2015-2016 Download

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JNTUH 1st Year Online Bits For Mechanical Students :

English – II
Mathematics – II (Mathematical Methods)
Mathematics – III
Engineering Physics
Professional Ethics and Human Values
Engineering Drawing
English – Communication Skills Lab – II
Engineering Physics Lab
Engineering Physics – Virtual Labs –
Engg.Workshop & IT Workshop

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JNTU 2nd Year – 1st Semester Online Bits For Mechanical Students :

Metallurgy & Materials Science
Mechanics of Solids
Managerial Economics & Financial Analysis
Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Computer aided Engineering Drawing Practice
Basic Electrical & Electronics Engg. Lab
Mechanics of Solids & Metallurgy lab

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JNTU 2-2 Semester Online Bits For Mechanical Engineering Students (ME)

Kinematics of Machinery
Thermal Engineering -I
Production Technology
Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic machinery
Machine Drawing
Fluid mechanics & Hydraulic machinery Lab
Production Technology Lab
Thermal Engineering Lab

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JNTU 3-1 Semester Online Bits For Mechanical Students (ME) 

Dynamics of Machinery
Metal Cutting & Machine Tools
Design of Machine Members–I
Instrumentation & Control Systems
Thermal Engineering -II
Metrology & Instrumentation Lab
Machine Tools Lab
IPR & Patents

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JNTU 3-2 Semester Online Bits For Mechanical Engineering Students :

Operations Research
Interactive Computer Graphics
Design of Machine Members– II
Heat Transfer
Industrial Engineering Management

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JNTUH 4-1 Semester Online Bits for Mechanical Engineering Students :

Automobile Engineering
Finite Element Methods
Unconventional Machining Processes
Open Elective
Departmental Elective – II
Simulation Lab
Design/Fabrication Project

JNTU 4-1 Semester Online Bits For ME Students 2015-2016 Year

Production Planning and Control
Green Engineering Systems

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